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Would You Consider A Concrete Patio?

If you have a different style patio, or want one installed where one didn’t previously exist, then you should consider a concrete patio. Compared to wood or paver stone patios, concrete is the clear winner. They’re known to last an incredibly long time, are low maintenance, and are available in an array of styles and designs. If you need a concrete contractor to turn your vision of a concrete patio into a reality, leave the job to the experts at J&A Services.

The Benefits of Installing a Concrete Patio

There are thousands of design options when opting for a concrete patio. You can choose finishing techniques like stamping patterns that can mimic stone and tile, brick, and scoring geometric designs, or you can stain them in solid colors or engrave a logo into them. Concrete patios are also much more affordable than other materials. Although adding designs and colors can hike up the price, the initial cost is lower than a wood deck or patio with paving stones. Lastly, they’re very easy to clean. If you notice it’s dirty, all you have to do is spray it down with a hose or power washer using soap and a scrub brush.

Other Factors to Take Into Consideration

When it comes to a concrete patio, you should take size and area level into consideration. If the area where you want the patio installed is sloped, you’ll need to add compacted fill to level it out. Even though your patio will sit on top of the ground, topsoil and sod should be removed. Will you do this by hand or leave it to the pros? And, if you plan on having a hot tub or gazebo in the mix, you need to make the slabs six to eight inches thick rather than four inches if they weren’t incorporated.

Looking for A Concrete Contractor to Design Your Patio?

Look no further than J&A Services! We’re a licensed and insured contractor company with 20 years of experience in masonry, pavers, concrete, and construction as well as eight years in landscaping. Whatever type of project you have in mind, we’ll be happy to discuss it with you. Click here for a free estimate!

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