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Worry-Free Concrete Basement Floors

For many homeowners, water in the basement is a common fear. All it takes is one overflowing water heater or one weekend of heavy rain to destroy your basement flooring. Are you looking for a worry-free option to put flooring in your basement? Then consider concrete! With the help of a skilled concrete contractor in Fallston, you can have beautiful floors made from durable concrete, and put the worry about water aside.

Benefits of Concrete Floors for Basements

If you find yourself thinking that concrete floors will be cold and damp in your basement, you are in for a surprise. Newer buildings now have a vapor layer between the soil and the concrete to block moisture. You also have the option to add in-floor radiant heat to warm the floors. These options mean concrete is a warm alternative to carpet.

But why should you avoid carpet in your basement? Carpeting tends to trap moisture, and moisture can turn in to mold. Even if you have a completely dry basement, humidity and lower basement temperatures encourage moisture accumulation under carpeting, which can cause mold growth. A concrete floor doesn’t encourage mold growth. Even if your basement floods, the concrete will dry beautifully and be ready to use again in no time.

Finally, concrete floors have a number of design options. A concrete contractor will work with you to determine your goals and create a design that matches them. You have the option to add texture, polish the floor to a beautiful shine, stain the concrete or paint it. Etching is yet another possibility. Some homeowners choose to add faux grout lines to make the floor look like tile. If you want some softness without the risk of mold, simply add an area rug.

Find the Right Concrete Contractor in Fallston

The bottom line is that concrete is the most durable, water-resistant flooring option for basements. With the many design options now available, it is an attractive, fashionable option as well. J&A Services, LLC, offers a full list of concrete services, including concrete basement floors and foundations. Do you need a concrete contractor in Fallston, Bel Air or elsewhere in Harford County? Contact J&A Services, LLC, for your free estimate.

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