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Wood vs Trex Decks

There are several factors to consider when starting from scratch or simply updating your old deck. The most crucial selection you will make is the material to use, which Construction Company Owings Mills will assist you in getting the ideal deck outcome for its entire duration.

Which Is the Deck for You?

Building or transitioning your deck can be a satisfying achievement. By comparing the two materials, wood decking and composite decking, you can go through all available options and eventually land on the most favorable one. Your deck transition can turn out to be the favorite part of your house.

Now, you can make a more informed selection by understanding the pros and cons of wood decks and Trex decks and what to expect from each. So what are some pros and cons of wood decks and Trex decks?

Wood Decks

As the name implies, wood decking gets made from treated or untreated timber harvested from processed trees.

Pros of Wood Decks

  • They usually come with a warranty
  • It increases the value of your home property
  • It is easy to install on any terrain without leveling
  • It’s easy to paint over different shades of color
  • It boosts the eventual value of your property


  • Require high maintenance
  • Significantly shorter lifespan
  • Require a permit to build that comes with additional payment charges, money, and waiting time.

Trex Decks

In contrast, Trex decking gets made from recycled plastics and other products that are not wood.

Pros of Trex Decks

  • Low maintenance costs, time, and work
  • They are environmentally friendly
  • Superior durability and a warranty compared to other decking materials
  • Wide Variety of materials and colors to choose from
  • Trex decks are termite and insect-proof


  • Initial high cost of building Trex decks
  • Compared to a wooden deck, fasteners tend to be more expensive

Build Your Deck With the Best Construction Company Owings Mills

You want a contractor you can rely on to do a job of the highest caliber when you need something like a deck built for your home. With years of experience in deck construction services, this is your go-to company for all of your deck construction projects. So what are you waiting for? Contact J&A Services, for all your deck and other construction services.

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