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Wood vs. Trex Decks – Which Is Right for You?

Are you stuck choosing between wood and Trex? At J&A construction company Cockeysville, we believe every family deserves a flawless and beautiful deck to chill and bond.  Here is an in-depth wood versus Trex deck exploration to help you choose the right deck.

What’s the Difference Between Wood and Trex Decks?

Wood Deck

A wood deck uses treated or untreated tree lumber as the main item of construction. Typically, it can be economical and boasts a wide range of beautiful options. Whether you prefer a rustic or modern look, you can find exceptional choices.

Some of the wood types you can choose from include;

  1. Cedar Wood
  2. Pressure Treated Wood
  3. Exotic Wood: Ipe and Cumaru

Trex Deck

Commonly referred to as the high-quality composite deck, the Trex deck combines natural wood fibers and plastic films, providing a natural wood appearance. This material combo is usually lightweight and durable for prolonged service.

Why Install a Wood Deck?

A wood deck offers you numerous benefits, including:

 Low Costs

Unlike Trex decks, wood decks are cheap to purchase and install. For instance, the market offers you pressure-treated wood at almost half the price of a Trex deck.


If you have kids, you know how excited they can get running all over the place. Fortunately, a wood deck is usually rougher than a Trex deck, making it ideal for a home with young kids.

Nevertheless, a wood deck is more susceptible to stains and therefore demands high maintenance practices and costs.

Why Choose Trex Deck?

Below are some of the advantages of a Trex deck;

 Easy Installation

Unlike wood, some Trex decks come with grooved sides, allowing you to assemble them with hidden fasteners. This way, you can save time and installation costs!  Don’t hesitate to consult the best construction company Cockeysville for installation guidance if you get stuck.

 Stain Resistant

Trex combines post-consumer plastic with reclaimed sawdust. This makes it non-porous, hence stain-resistant. So, whether you spill chocolate or your kids drop red popsicles on the floor, you are guaranteed a clear floor.  However, a Trex deck is more expensive and less slip-resistant than a wood deck.

Should I Use Wood or Trex Deck?

Are you looking for an economical and highly slip-resistant decking option? A wood deck is an ideal option for your home. Nevertheless, you will have to put up with the recurring maintenance costs.

If you are planning to install the deck solely and prefer a stain-resistant yet durable one, Trex allows you to do a quick installation, leaving a flawless appearance. However, you may have to pay a high initial cost.

Get Flawless Decks with A Construction Company Cockeysville

A perfect-looking space is essential whether you use wood or a Trex deck. Fortunately, J&A construction company Cockeysville offers you top expertise in the industry, giving you the best outcome.

Contact us today for excellent deck installation services!

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