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Why You May Need Masonry Repair

Whether your home or business is made of brick, stone, concrete, or concrete blocks, there may come a time that you will need to employ the services of a professional masonry company in Columbia to repair damages. J&A Services, LLC can inspect your structure and give you an estimate on what repairs are needed and how much they will cost. But, what kinds of issues warrant masonry repair?

Minor vs Major Masonry Issues

While some issues are minor, ignoring them could lead to major (and much more costly) repairs. Failure to address minor issues lead to major damages that are much more costly to repair.

Serious Issues that Require Masonry Repair

When minor issues are ignored or unnoticed, they can lead to more serious issues. These serious issues include the following:

  1. Spalling: An L shaped metal piece placed behind a row of bricks is called shelf angle. Spalling is when pieces of brick or concrete chip away due to corrosion in the shelf angle. When this happens, it fails to do the job of splitting the weight between the wall and the ground properly. A mason can repair the damaged bricks and replace the L shaped metal to alleviate the damage.
  2. Efflorescence: If you have noticed things that look like stains on the concrete that seems to seep up through the material, efflorescence is to blame. This is where soluble salts come through the pores in the materials. In the early stages, it can be removed by simple pressure washing. If left unattended, the salts can only be removed by using chemicals that can be dangerous. A professional mason can handle chemical removal of salts safely and efficiently.
  3. Mortar disintegration: Mortar can break down over time. If the mortar breaks down, the brick isn’t supported leading to major damage. Over time, the bricks can shift creating an unstable structure that looks warped or misshapen. A mason can repair the replace the damaged or deteriorated mortar.

The Best Masonry Company in Columbia

Failure to routinely inspect your home or business can mean minor issues go unnoticed until they require major repairs. Contact J&A Services, LLC for an inspection of your home and a repair estimate. Don’t let minor issues become costly major repairs.

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