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What Fencing Material Is Best for Me?

Fences ensure privacy and deter criminals. Depending on the property size and location, among other factors, there is a style and material that will be most suitable for you. Choosing the fencing material by a construction company in Lutherville that best suits you might be challenging. The following are the pros and cons of the most common fencing materials:


Cedar is the best option to make your backyard private. It is durable and retains its appearance for a long time. Cedar fences are also very easy to install. On the other hand, it will be attacked by wood-boring insects if you do not treat it and may require replacement after several years. Being high maintenance is a drawback of cedar but if you are willing to do the work, go for it.


Vinyl is a relatively new fencing material compared to other options. It is likely to become fragile after several years, but vinyl manufacturers are increasing the durability of their products. Vinyl is a quality material that will retain its thickness and appearance for the longest time. Professional installation of vinyl fences by construction company Lutherville will produce the best results. Another pro of vinyl fencing is that it has low maintenance.


Composite combines plastic and wood fibers, so it offers the appearance of a wooden fence without its capacity for rot and insect degradation. It will be more expensive than cedar and vinyl because of the quality material but choose a quality supplier as quality can vary. Composite also requires professional installation.


Metal fences have been in use for centuries in various styles and features. Wrought iron fences are the oldest, but steel is the strongest. Metal fences offer the best protection from external intrusion. Aluminum is another option that is growing in popularity as a fencing material. You will need a professional for installation, making metal a costly alternative.

 Construction Company Lutherville

Choosing your property’s best fencing material will depend on your needs. Wooden fences are ideal if you live in a gated community and want some privacy. Metal fences from a construction company in Lutherville are ideal for protection. If you need fences in Baltimore, contact J&A Services for an estimate.

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