Masonry Company In Baltimore

What does a Masonry Company Do?

Masonry refers to the construction of buildings and structures from stone or brick. It’s largely used in building walls but can also be used to construct terraces, fireplaces, pillars, and other building parts. The craft is one of the oldest building trades from prehistoric times.  But what does a modern masonry company do? J&A, a Masonry Company In Baltimore breaks that down!

Role of a Masonry Company

Although the primary role of a mason is to construct buildings and other structures using brick or stone and concrete, a masonry company does a little more than that! In addition to this basic service, masonry companies offer a wide range of specialized services, including quantity surveying, architectural design, and plant operation. Here is a brief overview of the roles performed by the professionals at a masonry company:


The mason is the individual charged with doing the actual manual labor at a construction site. Most masons work as independent contractors, but some also work as employees of construction companies. These individuals are known as journeymen or master masons.


The architect is responsible for conceptualizing the masonry project and developing the design. To achieve this, the architect will often work closely with the client to ensure the client’s requirements are met.

Quantity Surveyors

Once the architect has worked with the client to develop a design, the masonry company will bring in a quantity surveyor. The main role of the quantity surveyor is to estimate the costs for materials, time, and human resources needed to complete the project.

Plant Operators

The main role of a plant operator is to ensure smooth operations at the construction site. This includes ensuring the machinery in use is safe and in good shape. The duties of a plant operator for a masonry company may also include ensuring adherence to environmental rules.

Projects You May Need A Masonry Company For

There are several projects you may need a masonry company for. Some of them include the following:

• Concrete work

• Brickwork

• Stone walls and monuments

• Landscape design and installation

How To Find a Quality Masonry Company In Baltimore

With Baltimore ranking among the top U.S. cities in apartment construction, the need for a high-quality masonry company in Baltimore has become more important. Hiring a masonry company for any residential or commercial project has many benefits. A masonry company can help you build your new home or renovate your old one. They do this by providing products and services for your needs and budget range.

J&A Services

When looking for a masonry company in Baltimore County, you want to ensure that you get one with experience working on your project and the equipment necessary to complete it successfully. Contact J&A Services for all your masonry work needs in the Baltimore area.

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