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Use A Professional Masonry Company for Chimney Fixes

Chimneys typically don’t receive the same attention as the rest of other household service systems. However, what many people don’t realize is they perform several vital functions. If your chimney is deteriorating, it poses a potential safety hazard. To avoid these hazards and to save yourself money in the long run, make regular chimney maintenance a priority. Maintenance includes checking the brickwork. If you need a masonry company in Savage to repair your chimney, count on the pros at J&A Services.

Learn More About Your Chimney

Chimneys function using the basic fact that hot air rises above cold air. Hot gasses rising from the fire creates a difference in pressure between the room and the inside of the flue known as draught. This pulls air into the fireplace which feeds the flames as it passes through the fire. Air moving through the chimney is aided by the principal that the house is warmer than the air outside.

Water damage, deteriorated mortar joints, and faulty flashing are all types of chimney damage. Water damage harshly effects the interior and exterior of brick or stone chimneys. It causes a tilted or collapsed chimney structure, decayed exterior mortar, stained chimney exterior, and/or collapsed hearth support. Installing chimney caps is the best way to prevent this type of damage.

Check your chimney and confirm that joints are not missing mortar. Additionally, water must be directed out of the joints. When mortar deteriorates from exposure to weather, it allows water inside. A process called repointing will fix this. The seal between the roofing material and chimney is known as flashing. It prohibits water from running down the chimney and entering the home where it damages ceilings and walls. Getting the flashing repaired will allow it to do its job correctly.

Looking for an Expert Masonry Company in Savage?

If you notice any signs of chimney damage, contact J&A Services. We provide masonry services and chimney repair all over Howard County and beyond. Trust our 20+ years of experience and many happy customers. We also provide concrete, paver patio, landscaping and construction services. Click here for a free estimate!


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