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Updated Concrete Walkways are Full of Style

If you picture a drab, plain sidewalk when envisioning a concrete walkway, think again! Today’s concrete paths and walkways are works of art. Discover stamped concrete, a brick-lined paths, or poured in interesting shapes, the possibilities are endless. At J&A Services we work with you to create a concrete walkway to fit any home’s design. If you need a concrete contractor in Jarrettsville, or elsewhere in Harford County, J&A Services can assist you in turning your vision into reality.

Concrete Walkway Ideas

Concrete Stepping Stones

To add interest, place circular concrete stepping stones on top of  colored gravel. We like to recommend a mixture of dark grey, light grey, and white gravel or even try grass. The border can be lined with bricks and behind the bricks, consider planting flowers. Another idea: embed thin, long concrete stones into the grass for an elegant yet natural walkway.

Patterned Concrete Path

Your new concrete path can be imprinted with a pattern to give it additional texture. This would be a perfect option if you have plenty of vibrant greenery that grows quickly. The imprinted concrete path will add a bit of structure to the plants that surround it.

Smooth Concrete Path

A smooth concrete path can be lined with shrubs to separate the lawn from the path. Choose a colored concrete like brown, tan, or other earth-tones. Or, for a simple walkway, opt for large concrete pavers with a thin layer of grass growing between each of them for separation.

Brick, Pebbles, and Concrete

Combine these three materials for a unique walkway. Edge the walkway with brick, pour concrete into the center and use small pebbles between the brick and the concrete. Choose any design you like, such as large, interesting concrete shapes make your walkway.

Looking for a Concrete Contractor in Jarrettsville?

Use the professionals at J&A Services for all of your concrete needs. With 20 years of experience and plenty of happy customers, we would love to complete a job for you. Additionally, we offer masonry services, install pavers, concrete, design landscaping, and complete construction projects. Contact us today for a free estimate!

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