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Top Uses for Concrete Retaining Walls

As you construct your dream structure, your concrete contractor in Bowie might tell you that you need a retaining wall but you don’t know the first thing about concrete walls and do not understand its uses. Worry no more, this article will tell you exactly why you should consider putting up that retaining wall.

Benefits and uses of concrete retaining walls

A retaining wall is a stone or concrete barrier that is placed on your property to hold soil, boulders, hardscaping, and landscape items in place. Here are more benefits and uses of putting a concrete barrier on your property;
• Concrete walls are less costly than natural stone walls
• concrete is lighter and easier to operate
• Concrete may be used in a multitude of colors and designs,
• The walls appear contemporary and clean,

It keeps soil from eroding.

If your building is at the top or bottom of a slope, soil erosion is a risk because of wind and rain and unregulated erosion can lead to mudslides and landslides, obstruction from important parts of the structure and clogged drainage systems.

Increases useable space

Retaining walls increase the usage of the ground. You can excavate a huge, flat space to build on and install retaining walls then install Patios, outdoor seats, gardens, pathways, and other appealing elements.

Reduces the likelihood of flooding

All property owners should take precautions to avoid property flooding. Retaining walls aid in this because they put up a barrier to stop floods in their track and direct water flow away from your house or business building.

Installation with a Concrete Contractor in Bowie

In case you need an overview of what to expect, here is a step-by-step of the process;
• Prepare and construct a stable footing for the wall
• Insert weep holes to allow controlled water flow
• Scrape off the excess mortar to avoid blocking the weep holes
• Lay landscape fabric after laying at least two courses
• Cover the drainpipes using gravel
• Fill the concrete cores wit mortar once the wall is at your desired height


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