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Top Summer Projects Recommended by Your Landscaping Company

With summer around the corner, you’ll be spending a lot of time outside, enjoying your backyard, porch, and front yard. Summer is also a perfect time to take on those summer projects you’ve been avoiding, to make that front lawn and back yard look exceptional. Keep reading for the top summer projects recommended by the best landscaping company in the area.

Boost Your Curb Appeal with Pro Landscaping


If you want to take on a project with a big impact, then add colors to your landscape. Adding pops of bright colors will liven up your lawn, make you want to spend more time in the area, and enhance your curb appeal. You can add colors by planting bright flowers and plants or repainting porches and swing sets.

Add Lighting

Adding lighting to your landscaping can significantly enhance the entire area in the evenings. You can install lighting throughout your garden to bring attention to certain features, around porches to add mood lighting, and up your pathways to illuminate the entire house. This lighting will make you want to give up your TV in the evenings for a relaxing hangout session on your porch.

Edge Your Garden

Edging your garden with rocks is a simple landscaping method that has a tremendous impact. It makes your garden look put together and draws the eye to the garden so that everyone can admire it.

Add Water Elements

This project is a little more complicated, but the effort is worth it. Adding small features, such as a pond with little fish in it or a fountain can significantly brighten up your landscape. It will create a relaxing atmosphere and elevate your entire garden.

Using a Professional Landscaping Company

While all of the above landscaping projects may sound simple, it can become quite tricky if you try to do it all yourself. You need to know which materials to use, how to install the items, and how to make the best aesthetic decisions. Using a professional landscaping company can save you time, money, and a lot of effort. A professional landscaping company can get discounts on materials, has the experience with installation, can make recommendations, and can take on all the hard labor!

Need a Landscaping Company? Call J&A Services!

For those looking for a landscaping company, J&A Services LLC is your top choice. With over eight years of landscaping experience, the experts at J&A Service promise to complete your project quickly and to meet all your expectations. Contact us today for a free estimate!

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