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Top Paver Patio Maintenance Tips

Paver patios are a great addition to the homeowner’s garden. You can use them to improve your home’s overall look or as an outdoor space for your visitors. However, paver patios remain exposed to different weather elements, such as snow and direct sunlight. Your patio paver may look less than ideal, especially at the beginning of spring when snow and ice melt.  As a result, the pavers require constant maintenance to remain new. A paver patio contractor can help you from installation to paver patio maintenance.

Benefits Of Installing a Patio

Fortunately, paver patios are a low-maintenance option, especially if your paver patio contractor installs them on a stable foundation. Although the initial installation cost is higher than for the other patio options, you will save more on maintenance.

Top Maintenance Tips

Brush and Rinse your Paver Patio Regularly

Dirt that accumulates on your patio can easily damage your pavers. As a result, you should clean this dirt on a semi-regular basis. Sweep falling leaves and twigs and rinse with a hose to keep your pavers clean. A professional paver patio contractor can help you remove dried mud and moss with a power washer.

Use Natural solutions to Remove Weeds

Pesky shrubs and weeds will grow, especially through the cracks of your patio pavers. Use natural vegetation killer to remove them before adding joint stabilizing sand on the pavers to seal the cracks.

Use Paver Sealer for the cracks

Although patio pavers are often jointly interlocked, you can find cracks in some areas over time. Prevent stains and fungal growth by applying sealer between the cracks. This way, you create a barrier that prevents the weeds’ growth.

Replace Broken Pavers

Use a flat-edge screwdriver to check pavers that require replacement or repair. Run it along the edges to detect cracked or ill-aligned pavers. Ask your paver patio contractor to replace the broken paver immediately.

Work With a Professional Construction and Paver Patio Contractor to Install and Maintain Your Paver Patio

Hire a professional construction paver patio contractor if any of your pavers have cracked and need replacement. Although paver patios require low maintenance, a few pavers can suffer damage. In this case, work with a professional from J&A Services to repair the broken pavers and ensure that your patio maintains its appeal. You will get professional services at an affordable rate.

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