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Top Masonry Company for Bluestone Repointing

Bluestone is one of the most beautiful materials available for patios, walkways and steps. It is very durable and can last for many years. Bluestone comes in a variety of colors ranging from blue to brown, depending on the source. This material is one of the most popular exotic stones used due to its strength and natural good looks. If you have bluestone pavers on your property, proper maintenance is a must. Hiring a top masonry company in North Laurel to inspect and repair the mortar extends the longevity of your bluestone.

Masonry Company Completes Expert Repairs

Bluestone pavers require proper maintenance to retain their elegant shape and structure. Be sure to look after the mortar that holds them together to quickly detect and repair cracks. Cracked mortar weakens the pavers and may even cause accidents if water seeps under the stones, making them slippery and prone to tipping over.

For best results, hire professionals to inspect and repair your bluestone rather than opting for DIY fixes. Trying this job yourself can result in damaged or cracked bluestone pavers. However, a qualified masonry company in North Laurel can expertly remove the old mortar without disfiguring the stones. At J&A Services we make impeccable repairs using the right tools to repoint stones at the original spacing.

Plus, an experienced masonry company will determine the best mortar mix for your bluestone. Most experts use sand topping mixes because they are more robust than ordinary mortar and are suitable for wide joints. Additionally, acrylic fortifiers can be used to make the joints impermeable. After preparing the mix, the mason will apply mortar to the right height and depth for the best results.

 J&A Services Expert Repairs

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