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Tips for Your Bluestone Patio

Bluestone patios are gorgeous and excellent for elevating your yard. The blue-grey-colored stone introduces some earthy tones and texture to the space making it stand out without causing a lot of drama. If this is the character you are going for in your backyard, then bluestone is the perfect selection. Having it done by the best masonry company in Columbia is a plus, as you can trust that the finishes will be immaculate and the stonework even better.

What are the benefits of a Bluestone patio?

Along with striking aesthetics, there are numerous reasons for choosing bluestone for your patio. The benefits of installing a bluestone patio include:

  • Durability- Bluestone inherently has a high density and can naturally withstand some of the harshest weather conditions. It can also maintain its colors and attractive appearance for years.
  • Easy to seal- sealing bluestone is an excellent maintenance measure to prevent staining and enable easier cleaning.
  • Safety- Bluestone has a naturally anti-slip surface making it suitable for the patio and several other applications.
  • Easy to install- Bluestone tiles come in various dimensions and thicknesses. It is also relatively flatter than other types of stone, thus making it easy to install and replace during maintenance.

What You Should Know About Bluestone Patios

There is so much to learn about the bluestone. If you are considering getting a bluestone patio, here are a few tips to set you on the right path.

  • Take your time to settle on a color choice. That’s right; there are a few color options for bluestone; thus, your choice should depend on what look you are going for while focusing on complementing the existing landscape. An all-blue color will create an elegant look, while the full range creates a unique finish.
  • Ensure your contractors uses a wet saw to cut the stone. It ensures that the edges turn out straight hence creating clean joints.
  • Set your bluestone using the dry lay method, which is less expensive and creates a more elegant finish. On the other hand, the wet lay method may lead to cracking.

Masonry Company Columbia

While bluestone offers fantastic patio options, getting the job done by an experienced masonry company guarantees incredible finishes that will serve you for years. For more information and installation of bluestone, contact J&A Services today!

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