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Three Projects to Help Increase the Value of Your Home

Enhancing the curb appeal and functionality of your home’s outdoor space is a surefire way to increase its value. Here are three outdoor projects that can significantly boost your property’s worth: installing a new driveway, upgrading your landscaping, and creating a paver patio.

1. Installing a New Driveway

A well-maintained driveway is often one of the first things potential buyers notice. A new driveway not only improves the aesthetics of your home but also provides practical benefits. If your current driveway is cracked, stained, or outdated, replacing it can create a more welcoming first impression.

Materials: Popular materials for driveways include asphalt, concrete, and pavers. Asphalt is cost-effective and durable, while concrete offers a cleaner, more modern look. Pavers, although more expensive, provide a unique and luxurious appearance.

Benefits: A new driveway can enhance curb appeal, improve safety, and reduce maintenance needs. Additionally, it can handle the wear and tear of daily use more effectively, which is a significant selling point for potential buyers.

Cost vs. Value: According to the Remodeling 2021 Cost vs. Value Report, homeowners can expect to recoup approximately 70-80% of the cost of a new driveway when they sell their home. This high return on investment makes it a smart project for increasing property value.

2. Upgrading Your Landscaping

Landscaping is a transformative project that can drastically elevate the look of your home. A well-designed landscape not only makes your property more attractive but also creates a relaxing environment for you and potential buyers.

Design Elements: Start with a clear plan that includes foundational elements such as trees, shrubs, and flower beds. Adding features like a manicured lawn, garden paths, and decorative borders can further enhance the appeal. Consider using native plants to reduce water usage and maintenance.

Benefits: Good landscaping can provide shade, reduce energy costs, and increase privacy. It also offers environmental benefits by improving air quality and supporting local wildlife. A visually pleasing landscape creates an inviting atmosphere and extends the living space outdoors.

Cost vs. Value: The American Society of Landscape Architects suggests that homeowners invest about 10% of their home’s value in landscaping. This can result in an increased property value of up to 15%. Professional landscaping can yield a return on investment of around 100-200%, making it one of the most valuable home improvement projects.

3. Creating a Paver Patio

A paver patio is a fantastic way to expand your living space and enhance the outdoor experience. Whether used for dining, entertaining, or relaxing, a well-constructed patio adds functionality and charm to your home.

Materials and Design: Pavers come in various materials such as concrete, brick, and natural stone, each offering different aesthetics and price points. A well-designed patio should complement the style of your home and include features like seating areas, fire pits, or outdoor kitchens to increase its usability.

Benefits: A paver patio is durable and low-maintenance, capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions. It provides a defined space for outdoor activities, which is increasingly desirable for buyers looking to maximize their living areas.

Cost vs. Value: The investment in a paver patio can offer a return of 30-60%, according to some real estate experts. The actual value can vary based on the quality of the materials used and the complexity of the design. However, its ability to enhance the outdoor living experience makes it a worthwhile addition.


Investing in a new driveway, upgraded landscaping, and a paver patio can significantly increase the value of your home. These projects not only boost curb appeal and functionality but also offer substantial returns on investment. By enhancing your outdoor space, you create a more attractive, enjoyable, and valuable property. Contact J&A Services today to get started!

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