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The Best Concrete Contractor to Install a New Walkway

A lot of homeowners are interested in beautifying their home and increasing its value. Hiring J&A Services, a concrete contractor in Towson, to install a new walkway is one way to improve any home’s appearance. Here is more information regarding concrete walkways, their advantages, and other useful information.

Benefits of Installing a New Concrete Walkway

Concrete walkways are affordable and durable, making them popular with homeowners. These walkways last many years with proper care. Plus, a concrete walkway can be customized in many ways, making it the most versatile paving option. One of the most loved customization perks of a new concrete walkway is the variety of color options. Concrete walkways:

  • Are cost-effective
  • Require little to maintenance
  • Are durable
  • Improve curb appeal
  • Summer and winter friendly
  • Highly customizable

Walkway Ideas From a Concrete Contractor In Towson

Concrete walkways are available in different styles and designs, which enables homeowners to use their creativity and imagination to enhance their home’s appearance.

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete is ideal for homeowners who desire a stone or brick appearance for their walkway. This type of concrete can also be used to replicated wood. There are different stamped concrete options, including:

  • European fan
  • London cobble
  • Rough stone texture
  • Sanded slate texture

Stamped designs can be used to create a specific theme or unique design that gives a home its personality.

Colored Concrete

Homeowners can use colored concrete to create a work of art on the outside of their home. Colors can be added to concrete using concrete dyes and integral color. Dry-shake color hardener and concrete staining are other options homeowners can use to add color to their concrete walkway. Colored concrete can be used to separate large areas or mimic nature, which is great for creating patio scenery.

Here at J&A Services, we are your concrete specialists. We are a family-owned and operated company that proudly serves Baltimore and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to learn more about our services and receive your free estimate.

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