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Stone Veneer 101

Are you tired of the same old look in or outside of your house? If it gets tiring to see your aging chimney, for example, and you end up wanting to refurbish it, then the best masonry company in Towson should be your choice. Masonry services provided by J&A Services are chimneys, bluestone patio, bluestone walkways, bluestone porches, bluestone steps, brick retaining walls, block retaining walls, and benches. One other masonry feature is adding a stone veneer, which you may or may not have heard of before.

What is Stone Veneer and What it is Used for?

It is a form of siding that looks like a natural stone. It is a mixture of Portland cement, iron oxide pigments, and aggregates poured into a mold. Most modern homes have it as an accent siding. The manufactured stone is used by architects to build foundations and chimneys. You can install it on both metal and wood-framed walls, and over masonry substrates of block or brick, and over poured concrete, with proper installation procedures.

Why opt for a stone veneer?

Generally, this stone helps to enhance the outside or inside appearance of your home as it makes it more visually appealing, so it is suitable for those who are minimalists and those who enjoy bold designs. A stone veneer is more affordable, easier, and requires fewer tools than stone.

Stone veneer is generally made from the same materials by all producers, so placing an order in advance is not required. Furthermore, installation is possible without excessive footing. Masonry substrates are the only thing installers must pay attention to when installing.

Since veneer comes from natural stone, it does not take long to lay. Most manufacturers use thin stone veneer because of its gorgeous aesthetic. Since stone veneer is colorfast, it doesn’t require brushing or painting. This means that it will not look old or lose its shine over time. Additionally, since stone veneers are made from variants of real stone, they are difficult to break, scratch, or chip.

Colors and Styles

The stone veneer installers can provide property owners with a wide range of color options and styles. These include limestone, fieldstone, river rock, stacked stone, sandstone, quartz-based stones, and many others.

Design and Build with a Great Masonry Company in Towson

If you are looking to install a manufactured stone veneer on fireplace facing, and walls behind freestanding stoves¬†contact J&A Services. We’d be happy to discuss your needs and outline a plan for your aesthetic and vision.

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