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Second Story Deck Ideas

Some home designs seem to invite and encourage a second-floor deck. Yet, many times a raised deck turns out to be more complicated to plan and build compared to a deck at ground level. The second-story deck should match the home, so it looks like it was a part of the original house, and not an afterthought. Consequently, when considering a second-floor deck for a home, it’s recommended to get a professional’s opinion. Find a builder who can advise if a raised deck is possible, where it can go, how much it would cost, and how long it would take. If you are looking for a knowledgeable construction company in Cockeysville, discover the professionals at J&A Services. We serve customers all over the Baltimore County area.

Common Spots for a Second-Story Deck

Raised decks are somewhat more common in vacation or lake homes as they create an outdoor living space with a view. However, for any homeowner with a spectacular view, a raised deck maybe that finishing touch they were missing all along. Depending on the home’s layout, the second-story deck could have a few possible placements. People frequently build second-story decks off the master bedroom, the second-floor kitchen, or the living room. Building the deck attached to the kitchen or living room makes it more accessible for all residents of the home. A raised deck built off of the master bedroom may be smaller and more private as it is an entry point through a bedroom versus a common space.

Creates Additional Common Ground

A second-story deck naturally creates a space where people want to gather. Plus, the space underneath the second-story deck could also be useful. The deck above could create space for a patio below, as the area underneath will always be dry and covered.

Construction Company in Cockeysville: J&A Services

For anyone looking for a construction company in Cockeysville, J&A Services is your top choice. At J&A Services, we are here to work with you and your budget to create a fantastic outdoor space. Second-story decks can come in many shapes and sizes, and J&A Services brings all of those visions to life.

Additionally, J&A Services offers services in deck, patio, and fence construction, concrete driveway and floors, paver installation of driveways and patios, chimneys, fireplaces, and masonry construction, power washing, gutter cleanups, and landscaping. Contact J&A for an estimate on a second-story deck project today!

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