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Replacing Your Concrete Garage Floor

Most people don’t pay a lot of attention to their garage flooring, especially if they use their garage primarily for storage. However, like other areas of your home, a garage floor slowly deteriorates over time simply due to aging and exposure. Additionally, they are subject to literal tons of pressure daily if you keep your vehicles in the garage. In most cases, the garage flooring is a slab of concrete, and if yours is beginning to show cracks, replacement is possible. If you need a concrete contractor in Lutherville, discover J&A Services LLC. We provide quality concrete work across the Baltimore area.

Is it Time to Replace Your Garage Floor? Common Signs of Wear

Cracks in your concrete are the most obvious signs of wear. Small cracks appear over time because of changes in the outside temperatures. During the winter months the garage floor experiences very cold temperatures and warms up again in the spring. The freeze/thaw cycle causes the floor to expand and contract leading to concrete buckling and cracking. If the cracks get too severe, they can even cause permanent foundation damage. If you see large cracks, don’t wait too long for repair.

Other signs that your garage concrete may be aging include an uneven floor, chipping, sinking areas from improper drainage, and/or it simply looks worn. Old concrete does not show its age well, and sometimes there is no way to update the look of your garage without replacing the floor.

Benefits of Installing a New Garage Floor

Some homeowners are tempted to try to use epoxy or a similar DIY coating to repair a garage floor. However, due to the weight held up by a garage floor, these quick fixes usually hold for only a short time. If the slab has shifted, nothing will fix your floor except a new layer of concrete.

The good news is that once you replace your floor not only will it look better, but it will feel better. You can stop worrying about tripping over cracks and your vehicle will ride much more smoothly over it. However, the largest benefit will be a stronger foundation, which will help your garage stand tall for years to come.

Expert Concrete Contractor in Lutherville Installs New Garage Floors

Properly replacing the concrete in a garage is not a simple task. Generally, it is not enough to just pour new concrete over your existing concrete. If you want a structurally sound garage you will need to demolish the current flooring and then excavate to reach a solid flat area of ground. Next, gravel will be used to line the area where the concrete is poured. These are just a few of the many steps that create a perfect concrete floor that will stand the test of time.

If you need a new garage floor, it pays to do your research turn to an expert and professional company for aid. J&A Services is an expert concrete contractor in Lutherville. We offer a wide range of services including garage floor replacement. Contact J&A Services today to get your free estimate.

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