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Remodeling Ideas for a Modern Basement

The basement used to be the musty space where you stored items you didn’t want in the rest of the house. Perhaps you dig holiday decorations out of the space every year and use it for storing your kids’ things as they grow. But today, the modern basement can be a lot more than just storage. There a so many ideas for remodeling and the pros at J&A Services look forward to working with you. When you need a construction company in Harford County, we are your #1 choice!

Best Options for Utilizing Your Basement

The Guest Suite
If you have a large family, there’s not always room for guests upstairs. However, if you use the space in your basement you can create a guest suite that is nice and comfortable for your overnight visitors. Turn some of the space into a guest room and if you have the ability, create a bathroom in the basement as well so guests have everything they need on the same level.

A Game Room
It’s nice to provide a space for your kids to host their friends. Turn your basement into a game room, complete with a pool table, ping pong, board games, card table, and other such things. Add a TV and comfy couch to create a great space for their favorite video games!

A Movie Room
There’s nothing like going to the movies, but you always miss the middle part when you have to go to the bathroom. Build a movie room in your basement and simply pause the movie whenever you want a snack. Get a projector, a big screen and comfortable seating and family movie nights can happen all the time.

A Contemporary Lounge
For a smaller home the basement can become a contemporary lounge, complete with a bar, comfortable furniture, a TV, and more. Your family can spread out and enjoy the space that much more.

Looking for a Construction Company in Harford County?

There are endless possibilities for finished basements.  If you’re ready to do more than store dusty boxes in that space, contact J&A Services. We are a top-rated construction company in Harford County serving customers across the area. We can’t wait to discuss the options for your basement. Reach out today for a free estimate and start your project off on the right foot.

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