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Questions To Ask Your Masonry Contractor

You’ve got a masonry job to do, and you need to hire a masonry company in Towson, MD. How do you know you’re hiring the right contractor? Unless you ask questions, you won’t know. While you may think all masonry contractors are the same, they’re not: some are much better than others. Some have a great reputation and some don’t. Here are some tips on what to ask your potential masonry contractor.

Things to Ask and Do Before Hiring Anyone

Are They Certified, Licensed, Insured, and Bonded?

This is important, since you want to deal with a professional masonry contractor: not someone who’s doing it as a side hustle. True professionals will go to the trouble to get certified in the trade, which shows they’ve got the training to do the job properly. A mason can’t legally work on any project unless they’re licensed by the state they’re operating in. Insurance covers you and the mason’s employees and a bond protects you if they fail to complete the job.

Can They Provide References?

This is a big one. If they’re reluctant to provide the names of previous customers, this could mean they’ve left a bunch of unhappy people in their wake. A legitimate and honest contractor will be happy to give you names and contact information for former clients to show that their previous clients are satisfied with their work.

Contact the Better Business Bureau

Contacting the Better Business Bureau will allow you to find out if there are any complaints against your possible contractor. While the contractor may not have been at fault or wrong, it’s still good to have this information before making a final decision. You can also get their BBB rating, too.

Don’t Choose on Price Alone

Choosing a contractor only based on the price of their bid is a bad idea. While a low bid may seem like a great deal, that lowball estimate may not include everything you want. Get several bids and check to see what the bid covers. A contractor giving you a really low bid may use inferior materials or cut corners to get the job: you usually get what you pay for.

Set Up a Timeline

Before your contractor gets started, get an estimate of how long they think it’s going to take. Obviously, a large job like a new brick paver driveway and walkways around the house and back yard will take longer than a new patio. If the contractor won’t give you an estimate of how long it will take or set up a timeline, then that’s a major red flag.

Get EVERYTHING in Writing

This can’t be stressed enough. Getting everything in writing is a non-negotiable item. You need to get the details of what you expect in the contract. These things include (in no particular order): The bid as originally given; An itemized list of all costs of labor and materials; A timeline and anticipated date of completion; What payment options they offer.

Finding a Masonry Company in Towson MD

If you’re looking for a masonry company in Towson, MD, look no further than J&A Services. We offer a full range of masonry services and are ready to help you with your masonry project. To contact us about our services, click here.

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