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Protect Your Exterior Masonry from Fall and Winter Weather

All masonry looks indestructible. Brick chimneys, brick and mortar walls, concrete patios, and pavers are not as strong as they appear. Their biggest enemy is water, in the form of rain, snow, or ice. Contact a masonry company in Anne Arundel County and ask about the importance of protecting exterior masonry. They will tell you what fall, and winter can do to your patio, walkways, and brickwork.

The danger to your masonry begins in the fall, with falling leaves and rain. It intensifies when winter arrives and what looks like a beautiful snowfall begins to wreak havoc with your concrete, pavers, and bricks.

How to Stay Ahead of the Rain, Snow, and Ice

Make sure that your patio and walkways are kept clean and clear of leaves. The fall leaves look great on trees but, once they hit your patio, they need to go. If left on your patio too long, those leaves will stain your concrete or pavers. The same applies to your walkways.

Move any wood, spare bricks or pavers, and plants that are right next to your house. These are the things that trap moisture against your masonry during the day, which can then freeze at night, damaging your bricks and mortar.

The biggest threat to your pavers is water erosion from rainwater, melting snow, and ice. Any type of paver should be sealed every two to three years. The professionals at your masonry company in Anne Arundel County have the experience to prevent erosion from damaging your masonry.

The pros can also help with your walkways, most of which will have uneven spots or broken masonry. These problems must be addressed before winter because the addition of snow and ice will make for a dangerous combination.

How Your Masonry Company in Anne Arundel County can Help You Prep for Winter

In addition to sealing pavers and leveling your walkways, professionals will find potential danger spots, such as materials against your home. They will also make certain the steps and entryways into your home are in excellent condition. Finally, they will tell you how to keep walkways clear using non-damaging ice melt. Contact J&A Services today for a free estimate.

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