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Prevent Brick Deterioration

Brick is an appealing option for a home. They are structurally sound, are fireproof, and give a great look. Many brick homes are low maintenance, but brick deterioration can be a big problem. There are easy ways you can keep brick deterioration from happening to your home, including working with your pro masonry company in Anne Arundel County.

Common Causes of Brick Deterioration

The main culprit of brick deterioration is water damage. Your chosen masonry company can help you keep your bricks looking their best for many years to come. If you live in a cold area, the freezing and thawing temperatures can cause brick deterioration. Water can get in the small holes in your brick surfaces. The water inside the brick can freeze and thaw as temperatures change — this will damage your bricks.

How to Know when Maintenance or Repair is Needed by Your Masonry Company in Anne Arundel County

You will know when your bricks are in need of maintenance and repair? The two main things you will notice is that the bricks are starting to crumble. You will also notice the mortar around the bricks is starting to fall off, and it will look dusty around the bricks.

Treating Your Bricks

It is best to put a sealant on your bricks before they are in need of repair but if they are in need of repair, they is not reason to fret. A masonry company in Anne Arundel County can easily replace bricks that are crumbled and can complete a tuckpoint on all of the exterior bricks. Besides saving yourself money down the line by repairing the deteriorating bricks, you are also giving your home a much needed makeover. Your home will look outstanding with new bricks or even just new tuckpoint done on it. The best way to save yourself money is to try your best to keep all water out of your bricks. Always check the drainage systems on your home and try not to power wash your bricks too often.

When you are ready to get maintenance and repair on your deteriorating bricks, or even just keep them from deteriorating, just simply contact J&A Services to get a free estimate on your next brick project from your favorite masonry company in Anne Arundel County. Contact J&A Services today for an estimate!

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