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Pavers Over Concrete?

If you want to have a patio installed or driveway renovated, you may have to choose between pavers and concrete. However, most people will be unsure of the best way to proceed, and which materials to choose for their new project. Therefore, many homeowners opt to hire a paver patio contractor in Havre de Grace to install pavers or concrete. But, which is right for you?

What Makes Pavers a Good Choice?

Paving stones are becoming popular for patios, driveways, and pools across Baltimore. Although they can cost a little more than concrete, they have several features that make them appealing to homeowners.

These stones come in various textures, colors, patterns, and styles that enable you to customize the look of your surfaces. Besides, their beauty can last for decades without getting degraded, and can be repaired with ease when required. Therefore, the stone installation cost is spread across the years it stays in good shape.

Unlike concrete, which requires adequate curing before you can walk on it, you can install pavers in a matter of days and start using them immediately. They also require little maintenance to retain their sparkling appearance.

What to Consider When Installing Pavers

When installing your pavers, you should keep a few issues in mind:

Water Drainage

Your contractor creates a slope to ensure water flows to the drain and does not create puddles or standing water.


Pavers mustn’t squish around. The paver should be firmly edged in a way that allows the water to drain properly. This feature also keeps the driveway safe, even under heavy weight.


As explained earlier, pavers come in different styles, textures, and colors. Work with your contractor to pick the best style and pattern for your home.

Your chosen contractor may have to remove the concrete underneath if it is seriously damaged and creates uneven ground when the pavers are placed. Curves and other meandering pathways also require meticulous planning for good looks.

Hire a Paver Patio Contractor in Havre De Grace

If you plan to upgrade your driveway or install a new patio, hire a professional paver patio contractor in Havre de Grace to ensure quality installation and aesthetics. Contact J&A Services today for a free estimate and advice on the best way to renovate your outdoor surfaces!

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