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Paver Patios are the Perfect Summer Oasis

Your house is not complete without a backyard oasis. And while there are many options to choose from, paver patios are the new trend. Paver makes all the difference when trying to add pomp to your rather boring backyard. The following is how your paver patio contractor can create an elite entertainment oasis.

Benefits of having your paver patio

Paver patios are an aggregate of cement and sand. This is a stronger combination than poured concrete. Furthermore, the patio becomes weather-resistant remaining intact even under severe weather conditions. You will enjoy your patio for years to come without worrying about maintenance and replacement.

That’s not all. You also benefit from the versatility of paver patios. Your paver patio contractor can inject creativity and innovation to create attractive patios. You can get different shapes and sizes from the alignment to develop different finishes.

Incorporating paver patios into your activities

Paver patios create perfect environments for activities lined up for your afternoons. And it does not matter whether you are alone or have your friends and family over. For instance, you can enjoy a quest time reading a book as you rock your chain on your patio. Perhaps you might enjoy some calm music as the sun sets over the horizon.

Even when you have friends accompanying you, it’s still a perfect setup for many activities such as a game of monopoly or a hand of cards. And when the weather is warm, it creates a perfect environment for relaxing as you catch up together.

How to create a paver patio

Creating a patio is an easy DIY project you can complete over the weekend. The following are four simple steps to follow.

  1. Mark the area for your patio and measure out the edges. This step will help you purchase enough materials. You can also have your paver patio contractor help you with the design, shapes, and sizes.
  2. Clear out grass from the marked area and stones and level the area. Leveling the area enables you to make a neat and flat patio.
  3. Lay the edge pavers first. Remember to level the pavers as you go. Make sure all the pavers are aligned and straight.
  4. Once everything is night and neat, add sand between the pavers while cleaning out excess sand.

As for the finishing touches, grab your best flower pots and arrange them. You can go an extra step and add lighting and heat to the area. If you are unsure about how to finish your space, contact J&A Services to have the experts handle your project.

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