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Paver Patio vs. Deck Cost

Are you looking for the best way to make use of your backyard space, but you don’t know what it will cost to have a patio or a deck? Everyone, especially those that love spending the warmer seasons outdoors, wants to make these spaces more usable. However, you will find everything you need to know in the below comparison by a paver patio contractor in Baltimore County to help you choose the one that best suits your lifestyle and budget.

Which One Adds More Value to Your Outdoor Space

Both decks and patios provide an open-air space perfect for relaxing and enjoying the outdoor atmosphere with your friends and loved ones. They both offer a great view, but a deck remains raised, and patios are usually best when they flush with the ground.

Cost of Patio VS Deck

According to HGTV Remodels, the choice between a deck and patio must consider essential factors such a budget lifestyle and maintenance in determining their cost difference. A new wood deck can cost $17,000 and $22,500 for a composite deck. A paver patio installed cost ranges from $18 to $30 per square foot, while a deck ranges between $20 to $40. However, this cost does not include inputs such as insurance cost, taxes, and maintenances costs.

Factors That Affect the Prices

While they serve the same purpose, their cost varies mainly due to the following:

  • Difference in material
  • Difference in cost of construction
  • The size of your backyard
  • Level of privacy in your backyard
  • The difference in the warranty of the installed products
  • Maintenance cost differences between the pavers and deck
  • Lifespan of the product
  • Framing cost for a not at the ground level
  • Railing cost that varies depending on design choice
  • Design add-ons such as built-in lighting.

Regardless of the controllable and uncontrollable factors, you will likely spend more if you choose to have a deck. Talk to your paver patio contractor in Baltimore County today to take your backyard to the next level.

Hiring a Contractor for Outdoor Space

We have highlighted a few things you must know as you think about the outdoor space in your home. We are paver patio contractor in Baltimore County that understands that there are many considerations beyond cost per square foot. Contact J&A Services for professional services and free estimates.

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