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Paver Patio Pros and Cons

If you want to change up your outdoor space, paver patios can enhance the aesthetics and functionality of that area. As is true with anything, there are pros and cons to that type of material. You can get into the details to see what a paver patio contractor in Edgewood has to offer, but it’s always nice to be prepared with your own research as well. Here are a few pros and cons of paver patios.

A Paver Patio Contractor in Edgewood Offers Perspective

Pro: Durability and Longevity

Paver patios are patios that are made from stones that come from concrete. They are small pieces of stone in various colors, sizes, and textures that make the patio aesthetically appealing, but also give you the long-lasting capabilities you want. When installed properly, pavers are 3-4 times stronger than concrete patios and many have a lifetime warranty on them.

Con: A Longer Installation

It can take several days to install a paver patio, so if you are in a rush, this might be a con for you. The area has to be leveled out and the stones have to be placed with care and the joints need filling. It will take time for everything to dry and set and the sealant can be placed after that stage. While it takes longer, you get a quality patio out of the extra length of time.

Pro: Low Maintenance

Paver patios are seamless and you don’t have to worry about weeds growing up through them. They take very little maintenance and if anything were to happen to one of the stones, you can easily replace that one stone and have the patio look as good as new instead of having to replace the whole thing.

Con: Higher Cost

It can cost more to get a paver patio than concrete or other options because of the materials and equipment you would need to get the installation done. Because the paver patio lasts longer, however, that can offset the costs.

Get Advice From A Paver Patio Contractor Edgewood

If you want to know more about the pros and cons of paver patios, or you want a paver patio contractor in Edgewood to take a look at the region you want to work on, contact J&A Services for a free consultation and estimate to start the project off right.

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