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Paver Patio Patterns and Modern Designs

Expand your living area and enjoy time outside with a new paver patio! Choose from various designs to suit your taste and reap the benefits your outdoor oasis. Plus, adding a paver patio makes your home more appealing for future potential buyers. For an expert paver patio contractor in Towson, discover J&A Services.

A Few Patio Pattern Options

Choosing your patio pattern is extremely important. The style drastically impacts the atmosphere of the outdoor living space. Do you prefer a simple, geometric look? This pattern works best with a modern garden. Or, if you prefer irregular patterns, they complement Tuscan or Mediterranean landscaping.

A running board design is the most common pattern. This style is easy to lay and produces the least amount of waste. Laying pavers side by side creates the illusion of a longer and wider patio. If you want to make a small area seem bigger, this is the best option.

Next, we’ll discuss the durable herringbone pattern. It’s created when pavers are laid in alternative directions forming a “V” shape. This pattern is perfect for larger spaces with a lot of furniture and has a strong visual effect.

Finally, the basketweave pattern brings a vintage appearance. You’ll love the classic pattern of pavers alternating between vertical and horizontal. This style allows you to get creative so you should use different colors. The options are almost endless for your new paver patio design!

The Benefits of a Paver Patio

Did you know that paver patios have increased in popularity and prospective buyers are attracted to their appeal? Paver patios increase your property value; especially if they are well maintained and appealing.

Paver patios create a space for cookouts and gatherings with friends and family. Fill your area with comfortable chairs and a grill or fire pit to keep your guests comfortable. Additionally, many homeowners add a sound system or speakers to complete the atmosphere.

J&A Services: Paver Patio Contractor in Towson

Ready to have your paver patio installed? At J&A Services we provide expert advice on the best size, design and materials to use. We offer other services as well. Discover us for construction, masonry, power washing, and more. For more information, contact J&A Services today!

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