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Paver Patio Inspiration for Your Small Space

Many feel that houses with smaller lots prevent you from installing a patio to enjoy outdoor living. However, that isn’t true! At J&A Services, we believe that your small yard deserves a beautiful space. As a top paver patio contractor in Baltimore County, we can install the perfect patio for your space!

Expanding Your Living Space into the Outdoors

Bringing the outdoors in or the indoors out has been a key element in the design of patios. People are now enjoying the outdoors more than ever. Paver patios offer you countless options to create an outdoor oasis. Pavers come in many sizes, colors and styles, allowing for a paver patio to be designed to fit your space and your preferences.

Here are some things to consider incorporating into your paver patio so that you may enjoy it and get the greatest use of your space.

  1. Design your paver patio with seat walls and use the open space for a small fire pit.
  2. Avoid overcrowding the patio with furniture, ensuring there is plenty of circulation.
  3. Nesting chairs and tables stacking provides more space when not in use.
  4. Double-duty features, such as patio sofas and chairs with hidden storage bins are a big bonus to maximizing the space.
  5. Plantings along the periphery of the patio softens the “concrete” look, adding ambiance to the area.

Paver Patio Contractor in Baltimore County: J&A Services

Our company, J&A Services, is a paver patio designer, contractor, and installer located in Baltimore County. Space is at a premium with small house construction, so we take several factors into consideration when designing paver patios for these areas. The three most essential factors are:

  1. Style of the home
  2. Size of available area for the paver patio
  3. Terrain

Pavers are now being used on all sizes of patios–from the very elaborate to the very modest. Best of all, paver patios for small areas are typically very budget-friendly. Contact us today for a FREE estimate. We look forward to helping you design the best paver patio for your home.

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