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Paver Benches Add Extra Seating

If you need additional seating for your patio or other outdoor areas, paver benches are an excellent choice. Since pavers come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, textures, and materials, J&A Services, a paver patio contractor in Bel Air, can create a custom seating arrangement tailored to your unique needs. There are an infinite number of possible combinations available.

Customized Paver Benches

Regular Seating Wall
A regular seating wall is what you’d normally find encircling a fire pit or bordering a patio. They’re crafted from two to three feet of vertical brick pavers. This is a classic, simple design that provides extra seating in an understated fashion.

Seating Wall with Backing
Seating walls with backing are a newer style that continues to become increasingly popular with homeowners. This specific style can be created using any material and provides a higher level of customization than regular bench seats. A seating wall with backing adds depth and a truly unique style to any patio or outdoor sitting area.

Additional Paver Bench Seating Options
If you like the idea of a paver bench but aren’t in love with one of the two general style options, don’t fret. The best thing about pavers is their versatility. If, for example, you’d like a more traditionally-styled bench, a contractor can work with you to design a seating option that fits your preferences.

The same holds true if you have a unconventional seating idea. An experienced contractor can tell you if your idea is manageable from a construction point-of-view. If it isn’t, they can assist in creating a satisfying design that is functionally feasible.

Paver Patio Contractor in Bel Air: J&A Services

If you want to learn more about customized seating options, and need a paver patio contractor in Bel Air today, contact us today. The pros at J&A Services would love to work with you to create an outdoor oasis that suits your unique needs. We can also complete masonry, construction, and landscaping projects.


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