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Now is the Time to Fix Cracked Masonry

The best way to preserve your masonry is to identify problems as they occur and make the repairs as soon as possible. Masonry units like concrete blocks, bricks, and stones are laid on beds of mortar and left to harden. Mortar joints between the stones are weaker than the units, so the joints generally need repair first. If you need a masonry company Owings Mills for repairs, discover J&A Services. We can fix the issue before it gets worse.

How Mortar Breaks Down

Masonry reacts to the environment and breaks down in three stages: bond breaks, decomposition of joints, and unit failure. Bond breaks are cracks that occur parallel to the lines of the mortar joints. They’re caused by minor ground settling, weak mortar mix, or expansion and contraction. For small, hairline cracks, the water that enters will be evaporated by the surrounding masonry. However, larger cracks allow for more water penetration and more problems.

When joints decompose, perpendicular cracks connect with parallel cracks and the mortar at these intersections falls out. While hard mortar falls out in finger-sized pieces, soft mortar crumbles into small pieces. At this stage the water penetration worsens significantly and if it’s left untreated, you can expect more bond breaks. During the last stage, the damage spreads to the masonry units. Cracks develop on the faces of the stones or bricks and they can become loose. At this stage, the damage accelerates.

Looking for a Masonry Company Owings Mills?

J&A Services has over 20 years of experience working with clients throughout the Baltimore area. Whether you need repairs for your aging chimney or installation of a new brick walkway, we do it all. Our masonry jobs are of the highest quality and we pay attention to every detail. Regardless of the project you have, we’d be happy to meet with you to discuss it further. Our other services include concrete work, pavers, construction, and landscaping. For more information or for a free estimate, contact us today!

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