construction company in Harford County -- J&A Services LLC

Installing a Privacy Fence

Fences are a common feature, whether it is around a backyard, side yard, front yard, or the entire perimeter of a property. Keep reading to …

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paver patio contractor in Fallston -- J&A Services

Paver Patio Ideas for the New Year

As winter arrives people bring more and more of their activities inside the house. It is a little hard to sit outside comfortably in freezing …

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Masonry Company for Brick Repair

Nothing compares to the elegance and durability of brick. Whether used as a building material in a house, as a sidewalk paver, or on a …

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paver patio contractor in Pasadena -- J&A Services LLC

Designing a Circle Pattern Paver Patio

Many barbecue aficionados understand how important patios are, especially in the heat of the summer. They offer a great space to socialize with friends or …

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concrete contractor in Forest Hill -- J&A Services LLC

How to Hire a Concrete Contractor

As houses age they need maintenance, repairs and even some replacement parts. Therefore, don’t be surprised by the appearance of cracks in your chimney or …

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construction company in Fallston -- J&A Services LLC

Avoid Injuries! Hire a Snow Removal Service

Snow is a lot of fun to play in during the cold winter months, but it can also be dangerous. More than 11,000 people go …

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