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New Concrete Boosts Your Home’s Value

A lot of people spend the first month of the year making plans to improve themselves. However, improving the value of your home is another great focus as we enter the new year. Bettering your home increases the value of your greatest investment. Therefore, it’s worth taking a look at where you can make some changes. At J&A Services we are a concrete contractor in Fulton and we can help make improvements! Read on to learn more about driveway and walkway upgrades that improve curbside appeal and increase your home’s value.

Consider Redesigning Your Driveway

If you have some room in your front yard, you might want to think about redesigning the shape of your driveway. A straight driveway is perfectly functional, but not always the most attractive. Many homeowners are using concrete to create curvy driveways or driveways that leave room for a small flower garden on the side. Obviously, some homes are better suited for this change than others based on the general layout of your property, but it’s worth talking to a concrete contractor to see if this is an option.

Take Your Pathways Up a Step

By the same token, a straight pathway is fine but is not always very interesting. These days concrete can be used for a number of different designs. Think about including stamped designs including the look of stones, bricks and more. You can also add value in an alternative fashion by adding framing elements like lighting, plants, and trees. Consider using your path to highlight areas of your landscaping. You might think about adding a flower bed in the middle of your walkway and then split your pathway around it for a notable change to the traditional pathway.

Get Help from a Professional Concrete Contractor in Fulton

Some of these designs can be complicated and impossible to complete on your own. However, with the help of a concrete contractor in Fulton, you can achieve some spectacular concrete work that will improve the value of your home. J&A Services provides an array of concrete services that can help update the appearance of your home including masonry, paver installation, landscaping, and more. Contact us today for a free estimate!

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