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Modern Retaining Walls Offer Style and Function

Add to the aesthetic appeal and value of your property with a modern retaining wall. Not only do retaining walls serve a practical function for keeping soil in place, but they also offer a significant element of style to outdoor living. Improve your exterior décor with trending ideas that elevate and enhance your outdoor space. When you need a premium masonry company in North Laurel, or anywhere in Howard County, discover J&A Services. Read on to learn more!

Enhance Exterior Spaces with Retaining Walls

With a little creativity and a lot of experience J&A Services builds retaining walls as focus points around area home and garden. Here are just some ideas for retaining walls that will make you the envy of your neighbors:

  • Build a flagstone retaining wall to create a garden bed.
  • Install a patchwork stone wall along a paved pathway to create interest and protect shrubs.
  • Keep it rustic with a wooden retaining or concrete wall to support hedge growth.
  • Use stacked boulders to create an old-world appeal.
  • Get a low block wall installed to distinguish pathways and paving around the home.
  • Alter the garden landscape with traditional low brick garden beds
  • Paint retaining walls to blend with the natural environment, giving your home a touch of the Mediterranean look.
  • Build a retaining wall that encompass comfortable outdoor seating.

Once you get started looking at ideas for building retaining walls, you will realize how many choices are available. Luckily, professional advice is available from the expert masons at J&A Services.

Masonry Company in North Laurel: J&A Services

Take a step to increase curb appeal with a retaining wall that boosts property value. J&A Services offers a unique blend of function and expertise to achieve your dream with our masonry company in North Laurel. Call us today to make your dream come true.


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