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Modern Paver Patio Designs to Consider

Pavers lead the pack when it comes to patio materials for today’s homeowners. Patio pavers come in an endless variety of shapes, sizes and designs that create attractive and memorable backyard scenes. Choose from stunning geometric compositions to eclectic swirls and circles to bold postmodern schemes. A paver patio will give your backyard the kind of provocative ambiance you love and people can’t forget. When they need the best paver patio contractor in North Laurel residents always call J&A Services for prompt, professional work done right the first time.

Paver Patio Textures

If you plan to hold frequent parties and get-togethers on your new patio, consider smoother, flatter textures when selecting a paver design. You want a surface on which tables, chairs and cooking appliances can sit without wobbling. Rougher textures and bumpy aggregates should also be avoided if people using walkers, wheelchairs or canes will be using the patio.

Consider having a slip-resistance finish added to smooth pavers. Rain, spilled drinks and other fluids can cause polished concrete and granite to be slippery. Highly textured, rougher pavers work well for residents who want to complement their backyard aesthetics.

Explore Paver Patio Styles

Pavers are an affordable, versatile material capable of providing a wide array of textures, finishes and designs. You can embed just about anything in concrete pavers to give you original displays your neighbors will marvel at. Spaces separating pavers are typically filled with decorative material such as fine sand, pea gravel or ground cover plants that grow well in partial shade and sun.

Cut stone, veneer, cobblestone and flagstone are some of the more popular stone materials homeowners choose when designing their patios. We will gladly help you decide what kind of stone material would work best for your needs if you are unsure about selecting a material.

Looking for a Paver Patio Contractor in North Laurel?

If you are looking for a licensed professional paver patio contractor in North Laurel, discover J&A Services. Beyond paver patios, we are also your first stop for masonry work, landscaping services and more. Click here to contact us today!


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