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Masonry Question: Bluestone or Flagstone?

Bluestone and flagstone are commonly used for hardscaping whether it’s for steps, patios, driveways, or pathways. However, many homeowners aren’t sure of the difference between the two stones. At J&A Services, we are expert masons and can work with stones of all kinds. When you need a masonry company in Timonium, J&A Services has the experience and knowledge to help. Read on to learn more about flagstone and bluestone!

Bluestone or Flagstone?

Bluestone is a sedimentary rock formed by the fusing of particles deposited by oceans and rivers. The surface is textured and is available in bluish and grey colors. Full color bluestone has other tones mixed in. It’s available in natural cleft and select grades. Additionally, bluestone is sturdy and weather resistant. If you want a traditional, classic look for your home, bluestone is a good option for you.

On the other hand, flagstone is made of sandstone bound together by iron ore, silica, or calcite. It can be used in unique patterns since it can be cut and shaped in multiple ways. It’s available in blues, browns, greys, and gold. If you want a rustic look, flagstone is a good option for you.

Creating an Amazing Patio With Bluestone

When it comes to designing bluestone patios, it can be rectilinear (squared off) or it can have a natural and even shape. If you prefer the rectilinear style, stone of all one size or varying sizes will be used in the pattern. Bluestone can also be laid dry or wet. When it’s dry laid, the ground is excavated. Quarry stone is used as the bottom layer, sand is laid on top of it, and the stones create the final layer. When it’s wet laid, it’s set in concrete which is laid on virgin soil. Our pros at J&A Services can expertly install a bluestone patio that matches the style of your home.

Looking for a Masonry Company in Timonium?

J&A Services has over 20 years of experience in masonry, construction, pavers, and concrete. Beyond bluestone work, our services include paver patios, concrete driveways, paver walkways, gutter cleanups, landscaping, and more! You can expect our projects to be long-lasting and expertly crafted. Click here for a free estimate!

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