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Masonry Issues that Need Attention

Masonry has been a part of construction for ages. Some of the general benefits associated with all types of masonry units, including stone, concrete, and brick, entail enhanced fire protection, improved resistance against pest and weather damage, and the increased thermal efficiency of a building. While we may enjoy these benefits for a significant amount of time, problems may soon crop up due to conventional wear and tear. That said, here’s some insight from a professional masonry company Edgewood on some of the common masonry issues.

Common Masonry Issues

Masonry problems can vary in scale and impact on the building structural integrity, but they typically include:

This masonry issue is often predominant during the wetter or cooler seasons. Although it’s usually confused with mold, it doesn’t occur on surfaces constructed from organic materials. It’s caused by the loss of moisture from the slab, which in turn causes the soluble salts contained in the concrete to reach the surface.

Mortar Deterioration
The mortar holds the brick joints in any masonry construction together. If the contractor uses poor-quality mortar, it may degrade within a short time. Since the degradation may be conspicuous, it should be addressed urgently by a professional to prevent further structural damage.

Signs and Symptoms of Common Masonry Problems

Cracks appearing vertically or horizontally along with fissures and separations between individual stones or bricks are telltale signs of masonry problems. Vertical cracks may develop due to foundation issues while horizontal fissures are often associated with wall deterioration. In the latter case, the cracks may mean that the bricks and stones may have lost their load-bearing capabilities.

Interior Problems
Sometimes masonry issues can be spotted from inside the building. Giveaway signs include moisture spots on walls and ceilings as well as cracks around the window and door frames.

Don’t Try DIY Masonry Repairs; Contact a Professional Masonry Company Edgewood

The need to work with a professional masonry company Edgewood should never be underestimated. Masonry experts warn residential and commercial property owners against DIY masonry since masonry work requires a wealth of background knowledge, the right equipment, and extensive experience for the job to be done right. With that in mind, don’t hesitate to contact J&A Services when in need of a professional and reliable masonry contractor.

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