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Masonry Ideas: a Striking Stone Retaining Wall

Retaining walls hold back, or retain, the soil behind it. The pressure behind that soil can be quite strong, and it’s important to have a retaining wall that won’t crumble under that pressure. If you need a retaining wall in your yard, you want to get something that holds up against the test of time, but also something that looks nice. A pro masonry company in Ellicott City can offer can help you create something unique that looks good and works well.

The Use Of Natural Stone by a Masonry Company in Ellicott City

Retaining walls can be made of many different materials and natural stones can give your yard a lovely appeal that works well and looks great. You can get whatever color stone you want and there are a variety of sizes to consider as well. Stone as a building material is strong and can hold up well against the elements. They also can fit into the natural elements of your yard and easily match your aesthetic.

Considering Railroad Ties

Railroad ties, or long, strong boards, make nice retaining walls as well. They are easy to stack up and secure to one another and they work well against the soil that gives pressure to them. The wood can age over the years, but it can still look nice and natural as it does so.

Don’t Shy Away from a Retaining Wall

You might want to avoid the project altogether, but that can be a mistake. If you have an area in your yard that is so sloped that it can cause water to run off and into your home’s foundation, it can be a danger to the home’s structure. You also don’t want the soil to erode over time and leave your yard in disarray.

Taking Advice from a Masonry Company in Ellicott City

When you are ready to look into retaining wall options, you will want professional help from a masonry company in Ellicott City. You are going to want something solid, but also something that will look nice in your yard. There are tons of unique options to consider that can help you get the personalized look you want around your house. Contact the professionals at J&A Services for a free consultation and estimate and let’s get started on your project.

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