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Masonry Company Installs Timeless Retaining Walls

Many homeowners find that they need to install a retaining wall to prevent erosion, stabilize the earth or sometimes for purely an aesthetic reason. These walls can be built in a variety of styles and with several types of materials. A retaining wall made entirely of brick is known as a cavity wall. The cavity is filled with steel and concrete for strength and finished with brick on the outside. The experts at J&A Services, a masonry company in Fulton, can install a timeless retaining wall on your property.

Constructing a Brick Cavity Wall

As mentioned, a retaining wall can be built with natural stone, or even wood, but the classic reputation of brick offers a classic design. There are two types of brick retaining walls and though they look similar on the outside, there is a difference in materials and construction.

Brick Cavity Retaining Wall

This design is made of two standard brick walls that are inches apart and share the same foundation. The space between them contains steel and concrete for strength. Brick is used from top to bottom on both sides.

Block Core Brick Retaining Wall

These commonly constructed walls are made from CMU (concrete masonry unit) block which hold the steel structure in cells filled with concrete. Brick is applied to the exposed parts of the wall. Strong and easy to waterproof, CMU walls offer good protection from moisture.

Brick Fronts for CMU Retaining Walls

Whole Brick: It lessens the cost and labor while maintaining the same appearance of a brick cavity wall.

Half Brick: While still reasonably priced, the width of half a brick allows it to stand solid against a block wall.

Thin Brick Veneer: These thin, tile-like bricks are available in various styles and colors.

J&A Services: Masonry Company in Fulton

With 25 years of experience in masonry, concrete, pavers, and construction, J&A Services can install a retaining wall that’s stable and elegant. Contact J&A Services today for a free estimate!

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