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Discover the Beauty of Bluestone

Bluestone. This gorgeous smooth stone adds elegance to any home or landscape. Its blue, grey and purple toned squares are both durable and easy to cut, making it an ideal choice for patios and pathways. Angular grains and a porous surface have natural anti-slip qualities. Therefore, making it suitable to surround pools or other outdoor areas. J&A Services, a stone masonry company in Timonium, Cockeysville and all over Baltimore County. Read on to learn more about this alluring material and where it comes from.

Millions of Years in The Making

While not perhaps as well-known as other materials, bluestone is actually a variety of sandstone or limestone. It was formed when layers of rock and mineral deposits gathered on the ocean floor and were then exposed to huge amounts of geological pressure and heat over millions of years. Over time, these layers compressed and formed the stone we have today.

Bluestone has a scintillating blend of various colors like blue, lilac green and earth. This variation comes from the different minerals that fossilized into the rock during its formation. Millenia later, these shades are determined by the depth of the quarry it’s mined from. The deeper the quarry, the darker the stone. It is typically 1 to 2 inches thick, with the layers laid on each other as they were formed.

From America to Stonehenge

In the US, we find bluestone mainly in Pennsylvania and New York state, and often name it after the area it was quarried in. For example, Catskill Mountain and Shenandoah Valley bluestone. Interestingly, part of the Stonehenge monument in England is formed from this fascinating rock. The smaller stones that sit on top of the larger “sarsens” are bluestone, with scientists estimating they were somehow transported hundreds of miles from Wales, despite weighing several tons each.

Masonry Company in Timonium

At J&A Services we are experts in the design & installation of bluestone. Whether it’s for patios, walkways or steps, each project incorporates the various styles, colors and size of bluestone that best suit your tastes. We also specialize in concrete, construction and landscaping. So, if you are looking for a masonry company in Timonium, Lutherville and beyond, discover J&A Services. Contact us today to let us help you pick a bluestone design that will add an exclusive look that lasts for years.

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