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Masonry Company Repairs Chimneys

Fireplace season is in full swing! But, have you checked your chimney? It’s important for your chimney to be working well, otherwise it could cause fires and other safety hazards. If your brick chimney needs repair, contact J&A Services. We are a masonry company serving Odenton and customers across Anne Arundel County.

How a Chimney Works

Homes have a system where air flows out the top while replacement air flows to the lower section of the home. When the hot air rises (stack effect) and escapes, replacement air is making its way to the lower parts of the home. Since the rising gas in the chimney is less dense than the cold air, it causes a draft that draws combustion air into it and releases the exhaust air out of it.

Importance of Upkeep and Maintenance

Whether you use your chimney often or not, it can gather debris and soot which can block the chimney and allow the smoke to enter the room. If a chimney has poor airflow, it can result in a buildup of carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide exposure can cause dizziness, nausea, and is life-threatening.

A chimney checkup at least once a year is a necessity as a chimney with adequate airflow prevents plugged dampers and other dangers.

Signs Your Chimney Needs Repairs

Broken Chimney Cap

This is a rather common repair as well as maintaining the flashing. If you notice that your chimney is leaking, this is due to the deterioration of flashing where the chimney meets the roof.

Crumbling Brickwork

The mortar between the bricks can deteriorate which can result in the collapse of the chimney. For peace of mind, have a professional mason inspect your chimney’s brickwork.


Burning wood in a fireplace creates a carbon byproduct called creosote when the fumes travel up to the flue. It is flammable tar that needs to be cleaned and it can also clog the air passage.

Cracked Flue Tiles

Damaged tiles can cause flue fires and allow moisture into the chimney which will contribute to erosion. Only a professional can find this issue.

J&A Services: Masonry Company in Odenton

Looking for an expert masonry company in Odenton to repair your chimney? Discover J&A Services. We provide masonry services and repair all over Anne Arundel County and beyond. Plus, we are a family-owned contractor providing, concrete, paver patio, construction and landscaping services. Contact us for a free estimate!

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