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Masonry Company Repairs Your Brickwork

Mortar is a tough material. So, why do homeowners have to deal with cracked mortar and deterioration? A lot of it has to do with what your mortar faces on a daily basis. Mortar work is vulnerable to the outside elements. Additionally, weather issues such as acid rain and freeze/thaw cycles result in the wearing away of the outer layer of the mortar. Make sure to call a professional like J&A Services before the problems become major. We are a top masonry company in Havre de Grace and we service customers all over the area. Read on to learn more!

What Causes Mortar to Break Down?

As mentioned above, weather is the biggest factor affecting mortar. When the outer layer wears away it leaves the mortar underneath prone to cracking. This cracking also occurs when your home experiences settling issues or any seismic activity. Finally, as water gets in the openings from rain or snow and then freezes and thaws repeatedly, the cracks can grow bigger and bigger.

Poorly maintained roofs also add to mortar problems. They allow water to creep into the wall system of your house. This water results in efflorescence; deposits of salts on the wall surface. Plus, moisture attracts dirt and biological growth, speeding your mortar’s damage even more.

Another reason your mortar could be breaking down is a poor job of repointing. If the wrong kind of mortar was used or the joints were not properly prepared, it could result in damage to the substrate masonry units.

What Makes Up Mortar?

Mortar is made by combining cement, sand, and water. This combination causes a chemical reaction which turns it into a hard material. Mortar acts like glue to hold the masonry units, whether they be brick, stone, terracotta, or other materials.

When your masonry repair professional removes any compromised mortar from the joint and replaces it with a solid mortar, it is called repointing. The new mortar can be made to match the previous mortar on your home, creating a beautiful, strong defense against the outdoor weather and temperature.

Finding a Professional Masonry Company in Havre de Grace

Fall is the perfect time to make sure your mortar is in great shape. By having your masonry repairs done before winter, you can avoid extensive damage due to the freeze and thaw cycle.

One of the most important parts of a proper masonry repair is finding a qualified professional to do the job right. You need an experienced masonry company in charge, so your house will be ready to face whatever the weather throws at you.

Contact us today at J&A Services when you need a trustworthy masonry company in Havre de Grace, or anywhere in the Baltimore and Annapolis area!

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