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When do Bricks Need Repointing?

Brick buildings are very traditional. They are often some of the most breathtaking structures in historical communities or the downtown area of cities. However, brick needs to be maintained just like any other building material. If not, it can start to look its age and lose its weatherproofing abilities. If you brick is looking worn, a professional masonry company in Bowie is the best place to turn for help. To revive your brick work, discover J&A Services. Our masonry services include installing and maintaining brick chimneys, walkways and more.

What is Mortar?

Mortar is the compound that is placed between bricks and stones to hold them together. Some people may refer to it as the “glue” that outlines each brick in the pattern. Typically, mortar is made up of sand, water, and cement. Although, there may be a few other elements in your mortar, depending on the age of the structure. Mortar is highly durable, but over time it may break down. Therefore, in order to preserve weatherproofing, mortar needs to be retouched. This process is known in the masonry world as “repointing.”

What Causes Mortar to Weaken?

In general, most mortar weakens due to the natural effects of severe weather. Acid rain and the freeze/thaw cycles in many regions slowly wears down the exterior appearance of the mortar. Most of the time the mortar decays in the front, then eventually chips and falls out. Sometimes building settlement can cause mortar to crack over time.

How Does a Mason Repair Mortar?

As part of the repointing process a mason removes any unsound mortar from the joints of a wall and then replaces it. The new mortar has been carefully matched to maintain the historical integrity of the wall.

This task is best performed by a professional for one of two reasons. First, you need to be careful when removing mortar. You must work slowly and steadily so that you don’t compromise the structural integrity of the wall. Second, matching the exact color of the existing mortar can be tough since different materials were used in mortar over the years. A professional has an arsenal of tools at his or her disposal for almost perfect results.

When is the Best Time to Repair Brick?

While you can repair your brick work at any time, most people call a masonry company in Bowie during the fall. The fall is a great time to repair the brick work to ensure that your building is properly weatherproofed before the harsh conditions of winter hit. J&A Services is a family-owned masonry company with over two decades of experience helping customers repair their brickwork. We offer a free no-obligation estimate, so give us a call today to see if your mortar could use a facelift.

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