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Fixing Your Crumbling Chimney

Crumbling chimney bricks are best addressed sooner rather than later. Moisture can penetrate and weaken the masonry in a process known as spalling. Cracks in bricks may be small at first but will grow larger if left untreated. Spalling in one part of the chimney also increases the risk of deterioration in other areas of the brickwork. J&A Services, a masonry company in Bel Air, can help identify the causes and treat your crumbling chimney bricks.

Causes of Crumbling Chimney Bricks

Water is a major factor in deteriorating chimney masonry. Moisture penetrating the brickwork causes damage as it expands and contracts. If you live in a colder climate the freeze and thaw cycles can be amplified. Additionally, rain and other damp conditions may also damage chimney bricks. However, there are further factors which could be the reason behind your crumbling chimney bricks, including:

  • Leaking gutters, roof or windows
  • Non-breathable sealants, trapping any moisture which does penetrate
  • High pressure cleaning using water or sand
  • Using salvaged or below grade bricks to construct the chimney

J&A Services can provide an effective solution, no matter the cause of your crumbling chimney.

Your Family-Owned Masonry Company in Bel Air

Now is a great time to have masonry work done on your home. J&A Services completes masonry jobs of the highest quality across the Bel Air area. We are a family-owned business committed to providing attention to detail on every job. We are more than happy to show you examples of the type of work we do. From chimneys to bluestone patios, brick retaining walls to block foundation we have the expertise and experience to help you with all your masonry work.

In addition to chimneys and broader masonry work, other services we offer include:

  • Concrete driveways, patios, walkways and porches
  • Paver patios, driveways, walkways and benches
  • Construction services, including power washing, fences and gutter cleaning
  • Landscaping services

J&A Services For All Your Masonry Jobs

Call J&A Services when you need a masonry company in Bel Air whose main priority is to satisfy customer expectations. If you have crumbling chimney bricks or require further masonry work please, contact us today.

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