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Masonry Company Fixes Loose Bricks

Take a look at your chimney, brick walkway and steps. If you notice loose bricks or damage to the mortar between bricks, it is time to call a professional. Though bricks are extremely durable, weather and time can eventually damage them. Loose bricks decrease curb appeal and may potentially cause structural problems. Replacing bricks isn’t a great DIY project for most homeowners, so if you are looking for an expert masonry company in Fallston, please read on. Discover J&A Services to get the job done right.

Repairing a Loose Brick

The first step is to remove the loose or crumbling bricks so they can be repaired and/or replaced. The mason carefully uses a hammer and chisel to chip away mortar from the area. The older the mortar, the more difficult it is to break and remove from the bricks. The mason must be extremely cautious so they don’t damage the brick. Once the remaining mortar is removed, it’s time to clean the area of all debris. After being sure that the area is clean, a mason prepares the mortar.

Mortar is made of cement and sand. When the mortar is mixed with water it become the adhesive that holds bricks together. A professional mason will use their extensive experience to apply mortar to the brick and set it in place. They will position the brick and make sure it’s straight before wiping away excess mortar with a wet towel or coarse sponge. If there are white stains on the brick from mortar, the mason will remove it with a hose or wire brush.

It’s important to stay off the bricks for at least 48 hours so the mortar can harden.

J&A Services: Masonry Company in Fallston

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