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Masonry Company Explains Brick Types

When choosing a building material, particularly bricks, those who don’t work in the masonry field are sometimes at a loss when it comes to the variety of bricks and brick patterns available to them. If you’re curious about a new brick or masonry project, J&A Services is here to help. We are a local masonry company in Harford County and service customers across the area. Read on to learn more about bricks you can use for your outdoor area.

The Wide Range of Bricks

Burnt Clay Bricks
Burnt clay bricks are good quality for construction. However, since there are bricks that are also defective, they’re classified into four types, from first to fourth class. Fourth class bricks are not used in structures as they break easily.

Concrete Bricks
These bricks can be manufactured at construction sites, which reduces the amount of mortar required. Concrete bricks are also manufactured to be whatever size or color requested.

Engineering Bricks
Mainly used for basements, masons use these bricks for their low porosity, frost resistance, as well as their high compressive strength.

Fly Ash Bricks
Fly ash bricks are made from water and fly ash, which is a byproduct of burning coal. These bricks are lightweight and are highly resistant against fire, and lower water penetration.

Sand Lime
These are made from lime, water, and sand. Sand lime bricks have excellent fire resistance. Additionally, they serve as good acoustic insulation.

Sun-Dried Bricks
These are mainly used for structures intended to be temporary as these bricks are less durable. They also have a lower to fire and water.

Discover a Variety of Brick Patterns

Some of the patterns used in brick walkways include:

This zigzag pattern features each brick perpendicular to each other.

With a half brick in the center, you’ll see four bricks laid end-to-side to create a square.

Bricks laid side-by-side in pairs with each pair perpendicular to the pair next to it. This easy pattern is best for square and rectangular areas.

Masonry Company in Harford County: J&A Services

J&A Services is here for your masonry, construction, and landscaping needs. Whether it’s creating a new deck, designing a patio, or looking to install a new brick walkway, no job is too big or small. If you’re looking to breathe new life into your property, contact us for a free estimate.

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