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Masonry Company Explains Bluestone vs. Flagstone

Whether you are laying an outdoor path or patio for the first time, or replacing an outdated area due to wear and tear, there are so many options when to the appearance of your outdoor living spaces. Popular hardscaping choices for homeowners in our area includes both flagstone and bluestone. If you want to know the best material for your outdoor project, J&A Services, a masonry company in Laurel, is here to help.

Flagstone and Bluestone

Composed of silica and sandstone, flagstone is classified as a sedimentary rock. The other types of sedimentary rock include gypsum, limestone, shale, and conglomerate. Bluestone is actually a type of flagstone. Where flagstone comes from determines the type of flagstone it is. Tennessee and Pennsylvania produce bluestone.

Both bluestone and flagstone are used in architectural designs. Use either to create anything from driveways, interior flooring, and outdoor walkways and steps. However, when comparing bluestone and flagstone, there are notable differences.


  • Stronger than flagstone
  • Beautiful colors stand out in the landscape
  • More versatile and stable vs. flagstone
  • Is better able to withstand harsh weather conditions
  • Naturally slip-resistant


  • Neutral colored and blends into the landscape
  • Flagstone can be split into layers
  • Slip-proof when in rough form
  • Is considered a fairly generic paving stone

How a Masonry Company in Laurel Creates an Amazing Bluestone Patio

We believe that one way to transform the appearance of your property is to add a walkway or patio. The new area not only expands your outdoor living space, but also makes it convenient for grilling and entertaining friends and family. Plus, design options allow you to express your creative side. Options inlcude straight geometric shapes or stones that are free form in shape and aren’t uniform in size.

If you are looking for a masonry company in Laurel to help you incorporate bluestone, flagstone or other pavers into your landscape design, the pros at J&A Services are here for you. We also expertly repair aging chimneys, install fencing, build retaining walls, and more. Contact us today for a free estimate on your next home project.


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