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Masonry Buildings and Moisture Control

Since masonry calls for particular maintenance and care to maintain its visual appeal and structural integrity, you need to keep in mind the effect that moisture might have on these types of buildings. Though they’re created to withstand harsh weather, if moisture isn’t properly channeled, it can destroy the structure. If you need a masonry company in Odenton for repairs or maintenance, rely on the experts at J&A Services to get the job done.

The Largest Issues that Commercial Masonry Buildings Face

Two major issues masonry contractors face when restoring and repairing stone or brick walls are the “thermal jacking” of walls and “washing out” of mortar joints. The long-term effects of water infiltration are the cause of these issues. “Thermal jacking” is a more serious problem. When moisture seeps into the walls it collects in its joints and core. When it freezes and expands, it moves bricks and stones, causing the walls to bulge. Eventually, these bulging walls will collapse if they’re not restored. “Washing out” is the deterioration of lime used in mortar joints. Masons use tuckpointing with similar lime mortar to replace or repair the damaged mortar in washed-out joints.

Weep holes and air vents are masonry walls’ defense against water infiltration. They’re strategically placed at regular intervals in the wall to allow water to drain away from the rain screen drainage system inside of a wall that protects the core from water. Air vents allow moisture to escape from the upper face of the walls while weep holes encourage drainage at the lowest points of the wall. “Washing out” and “thermal jacking” can be avoided or abated with regular check-ups for signs of water infiltration. J&A Services, a pro masonry company in Odenton will happily perform a routine check-up to ensure your masonry is not facing any issues.

Looking for A Masonry Company in Odenton?

Discover J&A Services! We have 20 years of experience in concrete, pavers, masonry, and construction and eight years of experience in landscaping. Whether you need paver patios or driveways, gutter clean-ups, chimneys, bluestone porches, firepits, or stump grinding, we do it all. For more information about our services or for a free estimate, contact us today!

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