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Looking for a Full-Service Masonry Company?

If you need a masonry company for new projects or repairs, look no further. With 20+ years of experience, discover J&A Services. We are a masonry company in Owings Mills and fill the residential and commercial masonry needs of clients all over the Baltimore area.

Projects We Can Assist You With

Let us turn your vision into a reality with a new brick or stone project. Additionally, we make repairs of all kinds.

Replace Old Steps

If your front steps are crumbling, missing mortar, or uneven, they can be a safety hazard and decrease curb appeal. If fixing your existing steps is not an option, we can expertly install new steps. Stone, pavers or concrete are great options. Many materials come in various colors to choose from. Popular in all areas, concrete steps require little maintenance. Choose from round, straight, and spiral shapes, and they can be decorated with stamps. Select a color to complement your home, including red, grey, and more.

Stone steps are very durable, anti-skid, and can last for many years. If the front yard is filled with beautiful greenery, stone steps will complement your landscaping. Cutting stones into square and rectangular shapes adds interest. Pick a material to show off your style. Look at options including granite, sandstone, limestone, and slate.

Add a Retaining Wall

A retaining wall adds a beautiful focal point as well as serves the purpose of preventing erosion to provide flood control. Discover the variety of designs available when we build one out of brick, stone or wood. Terracing can also showcase a patio or garden by drawing attention to it.

Fire Pits

Fire pits keep you warm during the brisk weather and enhance summer night creating a tranquil ambiance. Roast marshmallows outside with the kids and enjoy family time together. Whether you want a secluded seating area with chairs surrounding the fire pit, a sunken fire pit, or a fire pit a few feet away from the pool, the possibilities are endless. Our masonry services help you create a contemporary or traditional atmosphere that you’ll love.

J&A Services: Masonry Company in Owings Mills

At J&A Services we are known for our attention to detail and provide our clients with the highest quality work. We also provide concrete services, paver patio installation, construction, and landscaping services. For more information, contact us for a free estimate!

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