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Investing in a New Chimney

There are a few things to consider before starting construction on a new masonry chimney to match your masonry fireplace. It’s a good idea to spend some time and think about the most crucial characteristics of your investment before making a final choice. The more you learn about chimneys, the more likely it is that your freshly constructed venting system will meet your expectations, a masonry company Pasadena can help.

Chimney Placement

Is the location you’ve chosen for your new fireplace also suitable for your chimney? With all things considered, outside walls aren’t the finest location to put a chimney. A chimney will likely have a chilly air column within it on the coldest winter days if it’s located on an outside wall. Cold air isn’t beneficial for anything. To begin, a chimney that is overflowing with frosty air will not function effectively. It takes a lot of work to get the heat to push through the cold air and then get rid of it all.

To begin the process of starting a fire, you normally need to construct a torch out of newspaper. Place the lighted torch in front of the open damper and hold it there until it goes out. The chilly air should emerge from the chimney after a few of attempts. After that, you may start your fire without worrying that the combustion gases would seep into your house. To avoid having to deal with chilly air coming from your chimney, you may choose to have it installed within your home’s walls rather than on an outside wall.


Insulation is a must for a high-performance chimney used for a stove or fireplace that generates heat rather than just being an aesthetic element. Depending on the sort of chimney you have, you’ll require a certain kind of insulation.

Safety Codes

This involves making sure that your chimney is properly lined to fulfill building safety regulations. Ask your chimney specialist about the several options for installing chimney liners since they are undoubtedly the most critical part of your chimney system.


You’re taking on a venting system that needs upkeep when you have a chimney constructed. Maintaining the cleanliness of your chimney is particularly important if you use a fireplace that burns wood. In the chimney liner, wood fires invariably leave behind creosote. This raises the risk of a deadly chimney fire when creosote accumulates. Toxic combustion gases might enter your house if creosote clogs your chimney.

Masonry Company Pasadena

When it’s cold outside, the materials in your chimney will expand and compress. Joints, structural elements, and seals are all subjected to wear and tear as a result of constant motion. Having a professional evaluate your chimney on a regular basis is the best way to keep it in good working order. A chimney professional may also clean your chimney when necessary.

For a professional chimney inspection, contact J&A Services.

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